Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I have 5 piercings now; 1 on my helix and 4 on my lobes but I want a tragus and a rook piercing. Well I kinda decided I wasn't going to get a rook no more but a girl can wish. I also have small ears so I dunno if i can even get a tragus; I used to want a belly piercing but I don't have the stomach for it and in a way like a friend said, it is kinda a pointless piercing as no one can see it BUT it could be personal for a person like a tattoo that has a MAJOR purpose for someone..thats hidden on a butt cheek loool.

Hopefully I'll get my tragus and if not i'll think about doin my rook again; my only setback is healing time and sometimes I feel like getting a tongue peircing but I love food too much and don't thing I could handle the bar chipping my teeth amongst struggling to eat certain foods. But you never know 'Life brings you lemons' I think thats the saying. :D

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