Sunday, 22 August 2010

Its Done!!

I did it. I pierced my labret, J'dore. Cose me £35 but that includes a bar change so thats fair and I only paid £20 because my friend gave me £15 for my birthday :D. When the needle went through I thought good gosh wat am I puttin myself through but that was it, i didn't even feel it come out the other side so yhhhh. Only problem is its crooked so I hav to go back n get it done properly which shud b free.

Ignore my nostrils loool, this was taken to show my friends :D:D

Monday, 16 August 2010



I'm gettin a labret piercing, when I was younger I wanted one and my sister put me off it; but know that i'm older i know how u can disguise it and so forth. Thursday is D day for my piercing and also my results day; I find out whether I passed or Failed AS how great.

Sad News!! 3

As you kno Mr.t died abt a week ago now, and a couple of days ago Gizmondo sadly passed away to from a spinal condition. I said that it Gizmondo dies I wouldn't be replacing my fish so now I am fishless.

Here are the pics of Mr T and Gizmondo, Gizmonda is the larger fish and Mr T the baby. Sorry I can't rotate it, i'll try later

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sad News!! 2

Only two weeks after i've had Mr. T and Gizmondo, i went out with my sister and came home to find Mr. T dead, it was so sad as he wasn't starved and was playing tag with Gizmondo earlier that day.

BUT on the plus side;

Other than that I have good news, tomorrow Friday 13th is my birthday how great is that; and my friend bought me a turtle plushie. He's so pwetty :D

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sad News!!

I didn't get my terrapins due to tank size so i invested in two goldfish and names them Mr. T and Gizmondo. I felt like crying when i couldn't get my terrapins but all is well as i can get them another time. Pictures of my fishys shall be posted soon :D