Saturday, 12 June 2010

I'm Free!!

Ain't he cute (Y) :D:D

Exams officially ended 2 days ago for me SO i'm officially in yr 13 now. I feel relieved they're over but I dread results day August 21st; atleast its 8 days after my birthday so I have enough time to get over my birthday mood lool.

Crocheting and knitting started off a bit....hmm but i got the hang of making chains in crocheting but i'm struggling to make a new row, it just gets muddled. Knitting was easier than crocheting but I do need more practice on both before I make a hat for my friend lool and a headband for myself. It's also about 3 weeks before school is over then 6 weeks off before yr 13 starts up again; and I have to start ucas and hope I get into my chosen uni's.

Well that's all folks (loool) :D

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