Saturday, 5 June 2010

Crochet, Knitting & Sewing!!

I've decided to take up three new hobbies..CROCHET, KNITTING & SEWING. At first I didn't even know what Crochet was ( I thought it was the game like in Alice in Wonderland with the flamingoes and the Queen of Hearts) but after watching a couple vids on youtube and seeing the things you can make, I've invested in a little starter pack that I Bought of ebay and hopefully i'll be able to make a headband or other little pieces that I can turn into keepsakes. Also Knitting is similar to crochet but different in it's own way so i decided to knit as well and I have a little starter pack on its way aswell.

I used to sew little things when I was little but that was like repairing holes or textile projects involving wool. But I have decided to sew with a machine and make dresses, skirts and any other items I can; with the help of Thread Banger. This is a may turn me into a lil fashionista but i'll still be simple aswell as experimental

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