Sunday, 27 June 2010


I can't stand the heat!!! There's no cool air circulating and I would prefer it if rained just to give the atmosphere a little cool down. Anywho, i've been conducting a study; well research on Charles Manson for sociology and even though i have'nt upped my game due to this HORRENDOUS heat I think i can do well lool.

Well this is probably my last update this month and I can't wait until Tuesday as it's my sisters' 21st and I get Cake :D:D. Hopefully it's a cake like that :D

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Transition from AS to A2!!

So far psychology has been great, learnin forensic psychology and health and in gov and pol it's all about US politics :P. As for other subjects I havent had A2 tasters yet but hopefully I passed exams and my results allow me into university. I can't stand London and 'I is lookin forward' to leaving :D

Ps: Image doesn't connotate with the blog but it shall later :)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

I'm Free!!

Ain't he cute (Y) :D:D

Exams officially ended 2 days ago for me SO i'm officially in yr 13 now. I feel relieved they're over but I dread results day August 21st; atleast its 8 days after my birthday so I have enough time to get over my birthday mood lool.

Crocheting and knitting started off a bit....hmm but i got the hang of making chains in crocheting but i'm struggling to make a new row, it just gets muddled. Knitting was easier than crocheting but I do need more practice on both before I make a hat for my friend lool and a headband for myself. It's also about 3 weeks before school is over then 6 weeks off before yr 13 starts up again; and I have to start ucas and hope I get into my chosen uni's.

Well that's all folks (loool) :D

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Crochet, Knitting & Sewing!!

I've decided to take up three new hobbies..CROCHET, KNITTING & SEWING. At first I didn't even know what Crochet was ( I thought it was the game like in Alice in Wonderland with the flamingoes and the Queen of Hearts) but after watching a couple vids on youtube and seeing the things you can make, I've invested in a little starter pack that I Bought of ebay and hopefully i'll be able to make a headband or other little pieces that I can turn into keepsakes. Also Knitting is similar to crochet but different in it's own way so i decided to knit as well and I have a little starter pack on its way aswell.

I used to sew little things when I was little but that was like repairing holes or textile projects involving wool. But I have decided to sew with a machine and make dresses, skirts and any other items I can; with the help of Thread Banger. This is a may turn me into a lil fashionista but i'll still be simple aswell as experimental

Friday, 4 June 2010



Supernatural is the shizz, Sam and Dean are sexy, Dean's car is sexy and it's just great. I've religiously watched it since it came to the UK but during season 4 i missed a couple and had to stop :(, sad times,sad times. But I've invested in seasons 1-3 as they are on an 80% off sale in HMV. All I have to do is purchase season 4 and wait for 5 to be released as one dvd instead of 2 parts and i'll be a happy Camper :D:D

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


A couple of days ago I decided to try out Laden's legs, bums and tums. I only did 15 mins as i'm a beginner and got lazy but my thighs still ache, this just shows I did work them hard enough or I didn't warm up properly. Anyhoo, I invested in a 10 min work out dvd off HMV and hopefully when it arrives i'll keep it up and see a difference. Its called 10 Minute Solution: Pilates Perfect Body  and only cost me £4.99, to me it's a bargain compared to windsor pilates thats costs way more and I'm only a student so I am BUDGETING loool. It's received a decent amount of reviews so I will gain something if I work hard.


I WANT MY TATTOOS!! I may be 17 still but I can wait eventhough it ain't that hard for me to go to a certain tattoo parlour and get it now; BUT good things come to those who wait.. So i will keep whining until August 13th 2011 when I finally get one. I'm tattoo broody I dunno if there is such a thing but I have it lool, My friend got one on her wrist recently and I'm jealous shes only 17 but i'll wait as bad things mostly happen to me.

I have the designs and know exactly what I want but I am open to tweaking my designs abit just incase theres a problem but I really want my first one on my wrist, it was going to be my stomach orignally but It's not pweety so i'll wait until I have more confidence/ tone it up then I shall be Ink'd on my lower stomach to the right with a guardian angel keychain I got but it broke so I want it Permanantly etched on my skin as it was a present from a friend.

Heres a few of the designs what I want tattooed on Moi :D
Left Wrist:

Right Wrist: not this design but the flower itself

Back or thigh: (havent really thought were)

I also had a morbid fascination with dead flowers and wanted a bouquet of dead flowers on my back, I think I was going through a dark phase but all is well lool. I wouldn't mind having an Alice/Mad hatter tattoo, I'm deffo going to be a tattoo addict but theres Rehab in the form of piercings lool. Tattoos is rehab for my piercing addiction.


I have 5 piercings now; 1 on my helix and 4 on my lobes but I want a tragus and a rook piercing. Well I kinda decided I wasn't going to get a rook no more but a girl can wish. I also have small ears so I dunno if i can even get a tragus; I used to want a belly piercing but I don't have the stomach for it and in a way like a friend said, it is kinda a pointless piercing as no one can see it BUT it could be personal for a person like a tattoo that has a MAJOR purpose for someone..thats hidden on a butt cheek loool.

Hopefully I'll get my tragus and if not i'll think about doin my rook again; my only setback is healing time and sometimes I feel like getting a tongue peircing but I love food too much and don't thing I could handle the bar chipping my teeth amongst struggling to eat certain foods. But you never know 'Life brings you lemons' I think thats the saying. :D