Monday, 31 May 2010


I'm in a major pickle; at first I knew were I wanted to study and what I wanted to study. Originally I wanted to go Manchester, then York, then Southampton and those are my 3 main choices. I need five in total so more researching and i've fallen in love with Wolverhampton, Keele, Bournemouth and theres another that I can't think of right now.

Well I have about 6 months or less to choose a final 5 then I just have to hope I get in and then it will be interview dilemma time. AND it bloody well costs £107.8 just to go to York and thats with one 16-25 railcard and I'm starting to feel York ain't the one for me but it's all up to the open days and results.

J'adore, Je Taime, Je Deteste, My confuzzled mind. My Future is at Stake.... loool kinda.

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