Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I WANT MY TATTOOS!! I may be 17 still but I can wait eventhough it ain't that hard for me to go to a certain tattoo parlour and get it now; BUT good things come to those who wait.. So i will keep whining until August 13th 2011 when I finally get one. I'm tattoo broody I dunno if there is such a thing but I have it lool, My friend got one on her wrist recently and I'm jealous shes only 17 but i'll wait as bad things mostly happen to me.

I have the designs and know exactly what I want but I am open to tweaking my designs abit just incase theres a problem but I really want my first one on my wrist, it was going to be my stomach orignally but It's not pweety so i'll wait until I have more confidence/ tone it up then I shall be Ink'd on my lower stomach to the right with a guardian angel keychain I got but it broke so I want it Permanantly etched on my skin as it was a present from a friend.

Heres a few of the designs what I want tattooed on Moi :D
Left Wrist:

Right Wrist: not this design but the flower itself

Back or thigh: (havent really thought were)

I also had a morbid fascination with dead flowers and wanted a bouquet of dead flowers on my back, I think I was going through a dark phase but all is well lool. I wouldn't mind having an Alice/Mad hatter tattoo, I'm deffo going to be a tattoo addict but theres Rehab in the form of piercings lool. Tattoos is rehab for my piercing addiction.

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