Monday, 31 May 2010


It's 3.48am almost 4am and i'm still up. A week from today I will sitting my Sociology exam which is 2 hours long.....Whoopie :(. Anyhoo, Music. I became a fan of Avenged sevenfold around 2008 after I watched Afterlife on kerrang; since then J'ADORE and I was sad to last year when The Rev passed (May he R.I.P) as he was a great drummer & I had never seen them on tour. I have the albums City of Evil and Avenged Sevenfold and I like a couple of their songs on previous albums; so I was eager to hear their new track and J'ADORE, I can't stop listenting to it and it's constantly on repeat :D:D:D. I really should hav posted this back when they posted it on youtube but I have been away for 11 months or so but i'm back B*TCHES. Sorry if I offend you lool. Good night/Morning depending on you time zone (Y)

Can't find the Nightmare Cover Pic so i'll post this instead :D
P.S> My time zone was messed up so this was technically written early June 1st

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